No UWH practice during summer :-(

sommerpause 2016

Summer break from July 16th to September 4th

As every year, our pool is closed during summer vacation, this year it’s from July 16th to September 4th, so we can’t practice. ;-(

We’ll let you know if we come up with an alternative! (Though we don’t really believe that we will.) See you in September!

5 lost, 4 won: Team Berlin in Trzebnica

Team Berlin @ Trzebnica

Team Berlin @ Trzebnica

Last weekend, Team Berlin traveled to Poland to play in Trzebnica’s Aqua Battle. On Friday night, we already had the opportunity to check out the pool – which was very nice, with water slides, a jacuzzi and a sauna. On Saturday, we started strong and won the first game 5:0. But some of the teams were just too strong – in the end we lost 5 games and won 4. But even after losing, we were very happy about our performance. The team played very well together and everyone knew where they needed to be. It was a great competition and we found it very easy to talk to people and make new friends. We’ll be back next year!

Team Berlin & Munich survived the Bud Pig Cup!


Last weekend some Berlin players teamed up with Munich to form the team “EndToEndId” (no idea who chose that name) to participate in the 9th Bud Pig Cup in České Budějovice. Since we never played together as a team – and didn’t even know half of the team – the first game was a total mess. But we got better every game. At least that’s what we felt, even though we still got crashed in most games. 😉
In the end, we managed to win one out of eight games, which meant we weren’t last! We finished 14th of 15 and received a little piggy that says “survived” – pretty much how we felt. 🙂

We had a lot of fun and – hopefully – learned a lot! Thanks to our friends from Serrasalmus for the organization! We hope we can come back next year!